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Senate Committee on Transport and Communications Defeat Bill C-48

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce appeared before Standing Committee on Transport and Communications on April 10, 2019. Aaron Henry, Director, Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, presented at length to the committee and emphasized that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the chamber network has long supported responsible development of our natural resources and that development of our resources should be done with a focus on ecological sustainability and responsibly. According to Aaron Henry, Bill C-48, which is commonly known as the "Oil Tanker Moratorium Act", the bill as drafted does not support these aims. In examining the bill the CCC concluded that this legislation is not evidenced based, it poses a significant barrier to our access to world markets, and that nearly 200 First Nations communities support pipeline development and this moratorium greatly diminishes their ability to accomplish economic self determination. Read Aaron Henry's full testimony before the committee. See how the chamber network will be advocating on this issue in our Vote Prosperity campaign in the lead up to the federal election.

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