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Chamber Network Reacts to Bill C-69: Today is a Dark Day for a Nation of Builders

The Honourable Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, issued the following statement regarding the government's decision to defeat many of the amendments to Bill C-69 that were added in the Senate.

“The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is deeply disappointed with today’s announcement that the federal government will reject a number of the Senate’s improvements to Bill C-69. These amendments are essential to avoid driving investment away from major Canadian infrastructure projects.

While the current regulatory regime, CEAA 2012, should be replaced because it continues to discourage investment in Canada’s mining sector, the government has prescribed a cure that is worse than the disease.

The Canadian Chamber attempted to work with the government to fix the legislation’s flaws. Earlier this month, we wrote to ministers and again laid out the five key improvements Canadian business needed.

Because today’s announcement rejects most of these improvements, we cannot support the bill.

As proposed by the federal government today, Bill C-69 will further discourage investment in Canada and threaten the financial security of millions of Canadians.

Although most of the public attention has centered on the bill’s impact on the oil and gas sectors, the proposed legislation will also limit Canada’s ability to create trade-enabling infrastructure that is so desperately needed, including ports, transportation corridors, and modernised energy grids.

Canadian business has made a good faith effort to collaborate with the government. Sadly, they have opted to double down on measures that are unfair, discriminatory and plain bad economics. If passed as proposed, Bill C-69 will undermine both our economy and the unity of Canada. We call upon Parliament to defeat the bill.”

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