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Share Your Ideas and Thoughts with the “Shape Your City” Online Forum

City of Medicine Hat launched a new tool to support engagement with City of Medicine Hat residents. ‘Shape Your City’ provides an online forum for engagement activities including polls, surveys, discussion forums, idea boards, and more, allowing a convenient touchpoint for residents to provide feedback and stay engaged and informed on topical City issues.

The initial launch of Shape Your City features a forum on pickleball court development, a place to share ideas on how to reduce energy consumption, a convenient spot to sign up for eBilling and more. Residents can learn about these projects, share their ideas and feedback, and even see what others are saying.

Anyone can view the site, and those who wish to engage more fully can do so with a single registration. Registered users can tailor their preferences to receive notifications about topics that mean the most to them. The interactive, user-friendly site allows users to participate in different ways and stay up-to-date throughout the lifetime of a project.

Comments are moderated by the host of this new platform, Engagement HQ, and the City of Medicine Hat. When submitting ideas and comments, residents are encouraged to be positive.

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