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Chamber Advocates the Benefits of Twinning Highway 3

The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce has advocated for the twinning of Highway 3 for many years. The need to twin the remaining approximately 220 kilometres of Alberta Highway 3 has been a concern for nearly two decades due to safety and efficiency concerns but also concerns related to market access and facilitating tourism and agricultural industries. A cost benefit study conducted by the Van Horne Institute showed that twinning the remaining section of Highway 3 would be a good investment. An updated report in 2017 shows that for each dollar spent on twinning there would be close to three dollars in benefits. For all the economic reasons for twinning Highway 3, the sorrow and devastation of lives lost on this highway cannot be overstated. The chamber network will continue to advocate on this issue for our members and for our greater community. Read our policy here.

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