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Provincial Government Reacts to Proclamation of Bill C-69

Bill C-69 An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act received Royal Assent in June and was proclaimed into law on August 28. This marks the final legislative step in a very contentious journey for this bill. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce spent many months attempting to work with government to fix the legislation's flaws and gave testimony to the Senate Committee tasked with reviewing the legislation. The Senate passed 188 amendments to the bill but the Liberal government only accepted 99.

The Alberta government reacted in a statement and  announced that it has "clear and sole jurisdiction over the development of our natural resources" and called this bill an "unconstitutional attack on Alberta and our vital economic interests." When Bill C-69 received Royal Assent Canadian Chamber President and CEO, The Honourable Perrin Beatty, conveyed his disappointment and stated that "Bill C-69 will undermine both our economy and the unity of Canada."

Read the full statement from the Alberta Government

Read the press release from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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