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MacKinnon Panel on Alberta’s Finances Releases Findings

The MacKinnon Panel released it's findings on Tuesday, September 3rd. This panel was formed this past spring and was tasked with reporting on the government's fiscal outlook; department and agency expenditures trends and cost drivers; a plan to balance the budget by 2022-23, without raising taxes; a new fiscal framework that requires future balanced budgets and a plan to retire the accumulated debt; government's operating and capital budgeting, fiscal planning and public reporting processes and systems; and business investment climate in Canada and its impact on Alberta's economy. The report compared government spending in a ranges of areas including health, education, advanced education, public sector compensation, bargaining and size, capital spending, program review, enhancing competitiveness, and balancing the budget.

Many of the panel recommendations aligned with the chamber network's Vote Prosperity campaign which was launched as a lead up to the provincial election. Our campaign focused on strengthening business competitiveness and improving government accountability. Highlights in the report focus on a path to a balanced budget, partnering with industry for infrastructure needs, and finding efficiencies throughout government departments. View the MacKinnon Panel Report to read about their recommendations in depth. Watch the CHAT News story with comment from Tracy Noullett, First Vice-President.

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