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NAFTA Panel Rules in Canada’s Favour in Softwood Lumber Dispute

Canadian softwood lumber producers are applauding what they see as a partial victory in the latest softwood lumber dispute with the U.S. Canadian softwood lumber producers have been paying anti-dumping duties averaging 20% on exports of softwood lumber to the U.S. On Wednesday, September 4, a North American Free Trade (NAFTA) panel ruled that claims of injury by American lumber producers against Canadian producers are flawed, and must be sent back to the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) for reconsideration.

The government of Alberta stated that it would continue to advocate for free unfettered trade to increase economic activities and jobs in a press release on September 5th. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, the Honourable Perrin Beatty, also commented via social media saying "It's time for the US administration to consider consequences of its actions before more damage is done."

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