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Alberta Takes Step to Help Trade Between Provinces

At the Council of the Federation, Alberta announced it was dropping all exceptions on procurement in the Canada Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). This amendment will make it easier for Alberta and other provinces to review and remove their own exceptions. The Government of Alberta hopes it will inspire other provinces to reduce their own barriers to free trade within Canada. This change corrects and oversight in the original CFTA that made it difficult for provinces to remove their own exceptions to increase free trade.

This step by the provincial government aligns with our first recommendation in our policy Addressing Barriers to Interprovincial Trade. Our recommendation urged provincial and territorial governments to recognize regulations, rules and policies and to allow for the free movement of labour, goods, and services in Canada and the reduction of exceptions as currently established within the CFTA. We applaud this move by the provincial government and encourage reciprocation from other provinces and territories.

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