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Speech from the Throne: Canadian Business a Willing Partner to the 43rd Parliament

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement today regarding the Speech from the Throne.

The Canadian Chamber has consistently advocated a focus on economic growth as a critical mechanism of national unity, one that can only be successful if works for all Canadians in every part of the country.

The business community understands that the Speech from the Throne is meant to be a high-level overview of the government’s plans. We will be looking for much greater detail in the ministerial mandate letters about how the government proposes to address Canada’s numerous economic challenges.

The Canadian Chamber will also be looking for greater detail on how the government plans to engage and work with Canada’s entrepreneurs and job creators to shore up our rapidly declining competitiveness. Accordingly, we call on the government to make all ministerial mandate letters public.

Finally, we ask all members of the House, regardless of party, to support a serious effort to develop a national economic strategy. The 200,000 members the Canadian Chamber represents stand ready to do our part by creating jobs and making important investments, but we need the 43rd Parliament to be a willing partner to Canadian businesses.”

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