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Current continuing care legislation dates back to 1985 and includes six acts, six regulations and three standards. Currently, each stream of continuing care in Alberta – home care, supportive living and long-term care – is governed by its own legislation. In the coming months, Albertans and key stakeholders – including home care providers, facility operators and seniors’ organizations – will be informed of how they can provide input. Topics that will need feedback may include:

  • standards for health, personal and accommodation services
  • operators’ compliance with licensing requirements and standards
  • options for health-care practitioners so they can work to their full scope of practice
  • eligibility requirements across continuing care
  • alignment of programs and services across government
  • clarity of roles and responsibilities between government, Alberta Health Services and other partners to reduce overlap and duplication

The government is looking to table comprehensive continuing care legislation in 2021. Click here for more information.

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