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On February 21, 2020 we participated in a call with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other provincial, territorial and local Chambers to address the mounting economic damage as a result of the ongoing rail blockades. The following response was issued by the Canadian Chamber:

“We heard directly from local chambers about the economic impacts on their communities and the hundreds of thousands of businesses they represent. Participants reported growing concern in their communities following another week of transportation disruptions throughout Canada. We are now seeing layoffs, depleted inventories and a rapidly increasing risk that essential supplies like grain for livestock, oxygen for hospitals and propane for residential heating will not be sufficient.”

We share governments’ commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Many businesses have long-standing, respectful relationships with Indigenous communities.

The ongoing rail and other infrastructure blockades taking place in various parts of the country are creating severe problems for public services, Canadian businesses, workers and their families. A rail disruption of this magnitude constitutes an emergency for the Canadian economy.

The damage inflicted on the Canadian economy mounts with each hour that these illegal disruptions are allowed to continue. Farming, mining, forestry, retail, grocery and construction are just some of the many sectors being severely impacted. Each additional day rail lines are disrupted requires at least three or four days for supply chains to recover.

On Friday February 21, Justin Trudeau called for an end to the blockades and police have moved in to dismantle barricades in some districts.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the blockades – it could be from delivery implications, lost produce or supplies or other– please let us know and your local Mayors, Councillors, Reeves, MPs, and MLAs.

To read the full Canadian Chamber Press Release click here.

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