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This program will assist employment-ready job seekers to update their workplace skills and experience to gain full-time employment. Through On-the-Job Training or Paid Work Experience, Being Human Services will help connect employers with willing workers.

Once Being Human Services has matched job seekers to employers, they will assist both parties through the steps required to fill the gaps and enable full-time employment.

To qualify you must be an unemployed Alberta resident,  18 years of age or older, legally entitled to work or train in Canada and ready, willing and able to work full time (30+ hours/week). Preference will be give to EI Eligible or recent EI Benefit recipients. There is no cost to job seekers or employers.

Call Being Human Services to schedule an appointment with a Service Coordinator to find out more about Workplace Training or visit their website.

To see more funding options for employees and employers visit our business resources page.

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