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I think most, if not all, businesses would love to have thousands of consumers see their business and have customers walk through their doors over the course of just a few days. However, businesses may not associate that desire for exposure and the opportunity to expand their customer base with the potential that trade shows offer.

Businesses are able to connect with thousands of people over a few short days and gain tremendous exposure, in addition to attracting potential clientele through trade shows. These types of events are a powerful platform for meeting new customers, connecting with existing clientele, building on your brand and being able to demonstrate both your inter-personal skills as well as your product value over a very short period of time. Even with the overwhelming number of people turning to online platforms, people still want to experience various products and services first-hand in order to see how products work or to be able to connect with someone about questions they may have.

We know many people don’t look for a particular business until they need something. However, there’s tremendous value in brand awareness, since consumers will generally select a business because it’s recognizable; perhaps it’s a business they have seen or have spoken to or it’s a business that has been referred to them. Ultimately they are looking for someone reputable, recognizable and that can provide a great product or service.

By participating in events like trade shows, in addition to networking and belonging to business associations like the Chamber of Commerce that regularly provides referrals to their member companies, you can gain this level of credibility and brand awareness. Even if someone isn’t looking for your product or service right now, establishing connections and raising your profile helps your business when a customer does need your service. Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to establish these connections, as consumers are driven to these events because they are able to visit one location and see hundreds of different products and services all under one roof.

So if you haven’t ever thought about exhibiting in a trade show or there are some obstacles you are facing with exhibiting, talk to us. You can come down to the trade show this weekend and check out the nearly 200 businesses we have in the upcoming Sunshine Home & Garden Show and see what we can do to help make sure you have the opportunity to make the most out of your trade show investment in the future.

After all, we’re in business for business and we want to support you and connect you with contacts and potential clients, so that you can expand and grow your business in our efforts to promote commerce and trade in our community.

With the right trade show strategy, you can be sure that your trade show investment will have valuable returns.

Make sure you don’t miss out. We invite everyone to come to the Sunshine Home & Garden Show this weekend from March 6-8, 2020 to see everything we have in store for you.

From home and outdoor living, to clothing, jewelry and décor, along with various services and supports, we have everything under one roof. You can stop by the Medicine Hat City block, then head on over to the Children’s activity Centre where your little ones can enjoy face painting and planting seeds, while burning off some energy in the bouncy castles. For a little virtual reality experience, be sure to check out the World’s first virtual parade of homes and then head over to the outdoor living area before you head in to the auditorium to visit the Canadian Home Builders – Medicine Hat Home Centre. You can take a break and have a beverage in the back alley while you are there or head on over to the food alley and stop by a variety of exhibitors who have our regular trade show treats. Take some time to talk to a financial advisor, or pick up your kitchen gadgets and cooking devices. If you are into fitness there’s bikes and fitness gear, and you can stop by various personal care and wellness solutions exhibits as well. There are toys and games, along with the latest gadgets that you’ll often find “as seen on TV”. You can find out about training opportunities and see the various supports we have in our community. It’s a great opportunity to connect with several businesses and perhaps you’ll find something you didn’t even know you needed. You can check out all the details at and stop by to see us March 6-8.

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