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New Member: Baba Cluck

Construction is rapidly underway in the vacant bay beside the South Country Coop Gas Convenience store in Redcliff and in a month’s time, a new, unique business will open its door to Redcliff, Medicine Hat and area. BABA CLUCK INC is a novel concept bringing unique Comfort Eats and new job creation to the region.

“We will be structured as a family, locally operated fast-food, drive-thru logistically, with in-seating for about 30 people. But we are not the traditional “fast-food” operation. 80 % of our menu is in-house made including Ukrainian fare of in-house pinched perogies, in-house stuffed cabbage rolls, borscht, charbroiled burgers and smokies and our feature item with a secret recipe: home-style pressure fried chicken -thus the name BABA CLUCK and the “Comfort Eats” branding. We will also feature an extensive catering menu & take-home frozen selection of our popular Ukrainian eats” says CEO/Owner Lorelle Holowaty-Halderman.

Born and raised in small town Kelvington, Saskatchewan, Holowaty-Halderman received her inspiration of the operation from a highly popular drive-thru chicken restaurant in her populated hometown of 1000, where she worked at during her teenage years. The restaurant is still to this day, a popular dining destination spot known for miles around. With a strong Ukrainian background that roots back to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, Halderman has added the culinary secrets learned from her Baba’s farmhouse and in fact credits the perogy dishes as Baba Mary’s Perogies using her generational recipe as a tribute to her Baba Mary and other Ukrainian dishes named after her inspirational Ukrainian aunties.

“The popularity of the business always intrigued me and my dream for 30 years has been to take what I’ve learned from the base of it’s operation and grow it into something unique, gravitating towards my roots with delicious, home-style meal options that aren’t offered in this manner anywhere else in the region and simultaneously recognizing the times where take-out fare is the popular eating option for families these days. Putting together my 25 years Marketing/Media experience, entrepreneurial experience and this business notion is certainly a dream career and it was important for us to do it in a tight-knit community such as Redcliff which has already welcomed our concept with open arms.”

“This location is important to both parties as well as to the region. It’s definitely going to enhance the dining choices in Redcliff and area, as well as to the traffic travelling on highway 1 to have an establishment where food is made and sourced locally. This is more than a lease arrangement between South Country Co-Op and Baba Cluck, its an important established partnership where we will be able to support each other. We are excited to work together to offer a one-stop shopping to offer multiple services. Our duplicate vision of strong community support aligns towards giving back and that’s what makes this new venture so exciting” says South Country Co-Op CEO Paul Haynes.

The food is not the only thing toting home-style attributes – the service and décor will be centred around a welcome, down-home atmosphere and the 25 plus staff that Holowaty-Halderman has hand-picked and hired, all have strong values towards exhibiting that to the guests. On the hiring checklist, she thought it imperative to find management that possessed a high standard of quality and experience with the cuisine and with that boasts a Red Seal Chef with over 30 years experience to take the helm of the culinary and catering ship.

“Creating jobs locally and supporting other local businesses and vendors in this region is an important mandate to this venture. The construction is being completed by all local companies. Our chicken is 100 % Alberta raised and our beef will come from local ranchers and butcher facilities as well. Reg from Reg’s Meats has been working with me to create a delicious Ukrainian Smokie and our buns will be baked locally as well as purchasing produce when seasonally available right in our back door. The garlic and special garlic spice blends used in recipes even come fresh from a garlic farm from my home town. Pending AGLC approval, we also hope to offer MH Brewco on tap along with scrumptious liquor milkshakes for our in-house diners!” CEO/Owner Lorelle Holowaty-Halderman

If everything constructional remains on track, BABA CLUCK INC. will open its doors and its drive-thru to the public mid-March with an official grand opening slated for April 3, 2020.

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