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What does it mean to stay connected? Whether it be a personal or business process, now more than ever it is crucial that we are able to stay connected while we navigate through the new normal of COVID-19. Luckily, one local company is providing the technology to make that a possibility.

Founded in 1993, and now owned by parent company The Phone Experts, ProComm has been a go-to organization in Medicine Hat and area for anyone looking to access technologies that keep them safe and in touch for professional or residential purposes. A local business that has ProComm technology throughout the building is Masterpiece Retirement Home.

ProComm installed and maintains a phone system within Masterpiece that is adaptive to residents in order to help their families stay directly connected. Every resident that wants to can have a phone in their room and their own personal number to the outside world. Not only does this allow them to stay connected with their families, but also staff can quickly dial into a room and speak to a resident without having to enter.

One local family has already seen the immense value in the communications systems from ProComm. Deanna and Matt Haysom take great comfort in the ease with which they are able to stay in touch with one family member.

“My husband’s grandmother is 98 years old and was recently placed in Masterpiece. It was not only difficult for her, but also for the family not knowing how we would be able to communicate with our Nonna. ProComm’s solution was easy enough for her to understand and a perfect way for her to connect with her family members. I know how hard the techs would have worked to help the residents and staff put those things in place as quickly as possible and I speak for my husband and his family when we say thank you to the team at ProComm for helping seniors stay protected and connected.”

Deanna Haysom

In addition to that, a pinning software allows residents to move freely throughout the building and anytime their pendant is pressed it will identify their location and call staff members. Nurses and staff are connected via wireless communications, giving them quick and easy access to residents and each other. ProComm is able to handle all internal changes remotely, so no one has to enter the site to accommodate system changes- an adaptation that has never been more valuable than now.

With the phone system, nurse call system, and other integrated security technologies, families and residents of Masterpiece can rest assured that they are able to stay connected and safe even while observing social distancing measures. Because of COVID-19, ProComm has been an invaluable tool to their other clients in the community as well. As businesses are shut down, ProComm can get them working through video conferencing, cell phone forwarding, working remotely from home and computer-based softphone apps that allow them to make and receive calls as if they were still at the office.

ProComm also specializes in camera and security so businesses have the peace of mind that their business is secure during the shutdown.

“We see our business being able to help people going forward. Once businesses open up, they’re going to be like, wow, we need to be prepared if this happens again, or when it happens again,”

Guy Schotanus, ProComm Management.

ProComm is also exploring new and emerging technologies to aid in the prevention of COVID or other infectious diseases, such as a thermal camera lock system. This device will take a photo of the face of someone looking to enter a secure area, as well as take their temperature, and the lock will only open if it is below a certain threshold. With technology such as this, business owners can have peace of mind knowing their operations are safe and secure.

The management team at ProComm, Guy Schotanus, Scott Day and Shelley Vorra, truly care about Medicine Hat and look forward to helping business owners find their footing as we return to work. Manager Shelley Vorra wants to ensure the community knows,

“We have always been here to support local business with their technology needs. We are open, and we will continue to assist in adapting to our new normal.”

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