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Five Ways to Streamline Your Energy Savings for Business Program Application

View these five tips on how to successfully submit an application:

Submit complete applications for quicker approvals
This program is designed to help Alberta businesses make investments in energy-saving technologies. The review process is designed to ensure that the funds are dispersed as quickly as possible, respecting the program rules. You can help your application move through review more quickly by making sure all required information and documents have been submitted with your application, including specification sheets, measure cost breakdowns by equipment, labour and design costs, and other supporting materials specific to the measures you select.

Split applications for a quicker review
To streamline your review, split up your work into different contractors and technologies and submitting individual applications. This allows the applications to proceed without being held up by unrelated technologies (e.g., waiting for a motor and drives project incentive while you wait for the CHP project to be completed).

You can also have multiple applications for one facility but remember: an application can only be assigned to one facility and measures must only be installed within that facility.

Create a second account when using internal expertise
If your business can complete a project using internal expertise, an external contractor is not required. However, all projects must have an Eligible Contractor assigned in the Program Portal to be eligible for the program. Participants wishing to complete the project internally can register a second account as an Eligible Contractor and assign themselves to the project. With this approach, the following conditions apply:

  • The Contractor Code of Conduct and all associated requirements to be an Eligible Contractor must be accepted and adhered to
  • Costs associated with labour completed internally will not be considered as eligible expenses
  • Any eligible costs not supported by third-party invoices or proof of payment will be set equal to the fair market value, as determined by ERA

Use technologies that are best suited for your project
They support a wide range of emissions reduction technologies and the Program is intended to be brand neutral. However, products must meet efficiency standards, and there may be additional technical requirements to ensure safe and high-quality products for Albertans. As such, not necessarily every make, model, or brand will be accepted

They recommend speaking with a local contractor to understand what range of products will be best suited for your specific project and circumstances that will meet the minimum technology requirements. To see the full list of supported technologies, please refer to our Eligible Measures List, which can be viewed here.

Wait to receive the next steps from the ESB Team
Applications are reviewed as quickly as possible. The ESB Team will email the applicant within 2 to 5 days after submission to confirm that the review process has begun. If an application is deemed incomplete, the review team will send an email requesting the missing information.

Due to the current high volume of applications, reviews may take up to 10 business days once all the required information has been received.


View the website for workshops

Visit our Program Resources page for a complete collection of program documents, such as the Terms and Conditions and Measures List. This page will continue to expand as we release additional support documents, including recordings of past webinars (Overview of Solar, Overview of Motors and Drives, and Overview of Lighting Systems and Controls).

Need Help

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Need help with your application? Have feedback to share? Get in touch.

Open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., our dedicated Contact Centre team will work hard to get back to you within two business days.

Toll-free: 844-407-0025
Local (403) number: 403-778-9467
Local (780) number: 780-306-8376
Local (587) number: 587-943-1688

Chat is available on the program website and program portal.

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