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Member Spotlight: March is Nutrition Month by Sedona North

Sedona North Nutrition Month Promotion – Over $200 in Savings

March is Nutrition Month and we have a great promotion available for Chamber Members to take advantage of. Throughout the month, when you purchase any Nutrigenomix 70 gene marker Report package (Option 1 or 2) on or before March 28th, 2021, you will also qualify to receive a FREE PDF Skin Health Report  (Over $200 Value).

Each package includes your initial consult with the Registered Dietitian (RD), genetic lab testing & reporting, review of the genetic report with the RD to discuss and set personalized nutrition goals, a PDF report & full colour printed report, plus a 6-week follow-up session with the RD to review nutrition goals.

Research shows people who receive genetic information are more motivated to adopt healthier eating habits than people who receive population-based nutrition recommendations. The Nutrigenomix test analyzes 70 genetic markers that have findings published in well-known peer-reviewed journals. These markers analyze how our genes can influence our response to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume. Personalized recommendations can then be developed based on your unique genetic profile.

Options allow you to choose from Health Plus +, Health & Wellness, Fertility, Sports and Performance, or the Plant-based Report. The RD can help you decide what report would best suit your goals. Customized Meal Plan options are also available at an additional cost. A colored print copy of your FREE Skin Report can be purchased for $40.  Visit for more information on Genetic Testing, Body Health, Mental Health, Skin Health, and Wellness Education.

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