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Building a Roadmap for the Future

As we start building a roadmap for the future, we have taken some time to reflect on our story and all the reasons we are lucky to be in YXH.

Our story started in 1900, established as a grassroots not-for-profit business network built by business for business. Business leaders created a roadmap that we're lucky enough to continue building on today. We're lucky to have a sustainable business model that is not Government funded. While we don't have to be concerned with the ebb and flow of Government budgets and priorities on our organization, we are acutely aware of how these priorities impact our community.

Federal and provincial plans and budgets, and local municipal development plans are emerging and making their mark in our history. We know it will take strategic actions and collaboration to overcome this crisis and build a roadmap for the future. We're ready to help define that roadmap. To help rebuild after the challenges this pandemic has created for our community.

We started to build our roadmap to emerge from a reactive response and crisis management to pro-active strategic action. As a connector and resource hub for business, we'll streamline information. We'll help build a roadmap for success to assist companies on their journey. We'll create unique experiences and solutions for our businesses so that they know we're here to help. We have an incredible ability to tackle problems and find answers to the many challenges that arise. Our business network, locally, provincially and federally, was created with the resources, supports and solutions to serve the needs of every business in our region.

As we work together to emerge from this crisis, we recognize how lucky we are to be in YXH because we have incredible people, businesses and organizations that will rebuild our future together. We are here to help strengthen our community. To be a catalyst, uniting business, driving leadership, and fuelling success through our connections, support, and influence.

As a key contributor to our community's eco-system, our business community must be well-supported moving forward. As such, we need to create systems in such a way that we can optimize our resources and service delivery. We are lucky to have several business support organizations ready and willing to help drive our collective actions forward. As your Chamber, we will be focused on influencing regional collaboration and opportunities through the strength of our network and building our eco-system.

We also need to build our network by engaging with industry leaders, trendsetters and our youth. If we are lucky enough, they will join our movement as we know they are essential in laying the groundwork for our future.

We want to increase connections with our business community and create greater awareness of the services offered. This can only be accomplished through increased awareness of the value and services offered within our business community and through our business network. If we are lucky enough, businesses will look at our Chamber as a partner in their journey.

We are also here to help consumers connect to our business community. We connect individuals with the companies and support systems to help solve your problems and provide you with local products and solutions. Gaining these kinds of connections will help us all realize how lucky we are to be in YXH.

We must have the right tools to maintain the vehicle that will drive us forward on our journey. We'll recalibrate our tools and systems to fine-tune the supports we offer. We'll conduct regular maintenance of our systems. We've already started by updating our website with new tools including 'Find a Business' 'Find an event' and even new business resources through the "Membership" section on our website. Members can use 'Our Voice' to address business issues that surface. We'll continue to build, update and maintain the tools and resources to help you map out your solutions.

As a champion for business and an essential source of information and solutions, we are committed to building the businesses that support our families and our communities. We are proud to uphold the highest standards within Chambers across the country. As an Accredited Chamber of Commerce in Canada, this includes a strong strategic focus and a competitive edge with a strong business voice.

We look forward to fuelling our business community through our strategic direction. We just hope we are lucky enough to join you on your journey to help guide the way and provide you with a roadmap to help steer your future direction.


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