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Your Weekly Tune Up


First National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, September 30, 2021

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was established through legislation passed earlier this spring, and is a direct response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action number 80. Many individuals took the time to learn, reflect and better understand the meaning and intent behind the day as we continue on the journey to learn and understand the rich and diverse cultures, voices, experiences and history.

Necessary steps to protect the health-care system

Alberta will accept federal support to help protect the health-care system and the health of Albertans during the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Increasing hospitalizations and intensive care unit admissions among unvaccinated Albertans continue to challenge the health-care system that all Albertans rely on. Currently, about 90 per cent of COVID-19 patients in intensive care are unvaccinated.


Driving unemployed Albertans back to work

Alberta’s government is strengthening the workforce by launching the second phase of the Driving Back to Work grant program.

Funding totalling $5 million in 2021-22 will provide 500 unemployed Albertans with the opportunity to obtain a Class 1 driver’s licence. The grant program is part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan. This plan is focused on making sure workers have the skills they need to find success and a good-paying job as a professional truck driver.

Quick Check Up

Fuelling Our Business Community


Move To Medicine Hat

Are you hiring employees from outside the local area? Need a tool to help you do that?

Check out!

- Share this site with your prospective employees when recruiting where you’ll find interviews with employers like Qinetiq Target Systems, and Terralta and more!

- Click HERE for more information

The Power of Community

Grace Memorial Grand Opening!

On Saturday October 2, 2021 Grace Memorial did a Grand opening of their new facility! The event started with speakers, official ribbon cutting, and tours of the facility! We got a chance to take a tour and it was amazing!

Join us at the Chamber while we congratulate Grace Memorial on their new facility and grand opening!

Enriching Your Business


Are you interested in de-escalation and conflict resolution training?

The chamber has many links and resources to get the training you need!

Check out our training page on our directory ---> Here

Conflict resolution programs offered by

Please contact us for more information and resources offered by these programs

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Fill Up On Funding

Funding Opportunity: Make Public Transportation Safer

The National Research Council of Canada and Transport Canada are seeking retrofit solutions that reduce airborne hazards and improve air quality within the enclosed spaces encountered by bus and rail travelers in order to improve the resilience to airborne infectious diseases. The closing date is October 25, 2021.


Advocacy in Action

2021 Vote Prosperity Finished (Facebook Event Cover)

2021 Medicine Hat & District Municipal Election

The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce announced it's Vote Prosperity Campaign on September 2 Read Here. We have been working hard to build out a platform that informs our business community and patrons of the current candidates.


We will be announcing very soon as to what we have put together so the community is able to see whom they may be voting for. Stay tuned and follow our Vote Prosperity page for more updates!

Calling All Canadian Tax Practitioners: Survey on Tax Administrative Processes

We are on a mission with EY Canada to modernize and simplify tax administrative processes for Canadian employers. We are asking tax professionals to respond to a survey so we can produce a report of case studies to articulate modernization and simplification opportunities. Respond now.


Next Level Events

CFSEA's 2021 Vital Focus Report!
Proudly presented by Pritchard & Co. Law Firm, LLP, CFSEA is hosting the 2021 Vital Focus Virtual Launch on October 7 from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM.
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM: Networking
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Live Event

The 2021 Vital Focus provides a comprehensive overview of three prominent impact areas which have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic in Southeastern Alberta. These areas include mental health, work & economy, and vulnerable populations (specifically food security, housing stability, and domestic violence).
This virtual event will feature impact speakers to offer their expertise for topics highlighted in the report, provide networking opportunities for attendees, and provide the groundwork for the 2022 Vital Conversations.
Event registration is open until October 7th.

Register Here

CHANGE? Why is there change at every turn? Why can’t we figure this out?

These are questions we’ve heard from others and probably asked ourselves more than once, yet as leaders in today’s world, we’re realizing that the new mode of leadership is ‘Effectively Navigating Change’. Maybe the better questions to be asking ourselves are “How can I learn to Champion Change?” and “How can I walk with others to influence change and make a more positive difference?”

One lesson I’ve learned is this: “Either We Adapt & Train to Get Ahead, or Struggle to Survive and Get Left Behind. That means change. That means adding new tools; insights, strategies and skills, to our tool boxes, learning efficient ways to utilize our tools or simply sharpening our tools.

In what way does that help you get ahead?

It’s like the story about a man who has been manually cutting down a tree for over 5 hours. Someone asks the man “Why don’t you take a break and sharpen the saw? I’m sure it would go a lot faster.” The man replies, “I don’t have time to sharpen the saw, I’m too busy sawing.” So, it goes with investing in yourself and your team’s personal-leadership growth. Taking time to invest and renew yourself is an activity that may not be urgent, but it is very important.

Whether you are a leader, aspiring leader, or part of the team – we all need to make time to sharpen the saw’.  By learning from elite thought-leaders you will gain relevant insights, proven leadership principles and personal growth techniques that can be implement into action plans - to navigate change more effectively to get ahead.

Join us for the LIVE2LEAD LEADERSHIP EVENT on Friday, October 8th at the HomeStay Inn & Suites. Register Here

Covid 19 Resources

Alberta BizConnect

Guidance and Posters

Requirements for the Restrictions Exemption Program

General guidance for COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses

Guidance for activities with children- best practices to protect children ages 11 and under.

Guidance documents- updated guidance for workplaces and settings that involve children, and archived sector-specific guidance from the previous stage for reference.

Business Resources from the Chamber

Other Events

BDC virtual events: A better way forward; Economic Outlook: What's next; How to get a business loan.

Agricultural Framework: October 7 Webinar: Evaluating the European Regulatory Framework for Crop Protection Products and Agricultural Biotechnology

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