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Vote Prosperity

A Brighter Future for Canadians

Vote ProsperityVote Prosperity reflects the priorities and concerns of job creators in communities across Canada. Developed in partnership with chambers of commerce across Canada, Vote Prosperity lays out our seven priorities, along with a series of specific measures to attract investment to Canada, and help businesses create jobs, grow and strengthen our communities. Heading into the 2019 federal election, the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber network will engage with federal representatives and the public to focus on reducing the overall taxation, regulatory burden and access to markets as critical priorities for Canadian business owners to maintain their competitiveness and the prosperity of all Canadians.

Vote Prosperity was created to provide workable, real-world solutions for the next Government and calls on all of the federal parties to support Canada's job creators by including these priorities in their election platforms:

  • A tax system that is fair, efficient and modern.
  • A regulatory system that works for everyone, including business.
  • Access to new markets around the world and the elimination of trade barriers at home.
  • Resources to help small and medium-sized businesses grow and succeed at home and abroad.
  • Innovation and infrastructure to make Canada the most connected country in the world.
  • A workforce with skills, education and training required to prosper.
  • A healthier pharmacare system for healthier Canadians.

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Vote Prosperity - Alberta

Vote Prosperity is a platform developed for the 2019 provincial election campaign, drawing upon the ACC's grassroots-driven policy book and feedback received from our chamber members. This product was designed to provide voters an outline of priorities that will enable us to leverage Alberta's economic advantages and strengthen our global competitiveness. As we move forward, we will now use this platform to advocate for action as a Blueprint for Prosperity. The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce will be working with our Government, using Vote Prosperity to ensure that the issues important to our members are represented.

Vote Prosperity is a reflection of four fundamental pillars for a stronger Alberta:
  • Strengthening Business Competitiveness
  • Growing Provincial Trade
  • Building Healthy Communities
  • Improving Government Accountability

Find out more about Vote Prosperity and the 17 recommendations to bolster Alberta's long-term economic outcomes and position us for tomorrow's opportunities:

Let your voice be heard:

Now that voters have spoken our job is just beginning. To ensure that this new government continues to hear from the business community we invite you to take this survey so that we can take your responses and advocate on your behalf. Our commitment to our members guides us as we communicate your priorities to government. This survey is being conducted with the assistance of The Strategic Counsel and Asking Canadians. Your responses will be confidential and not linked to your personal information. If you have questions about this survey, please contact If you experience technical difficulties while taking this survey, please contact Lisa Fulford at

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