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Vote Prosperity 2021

Vote Prosperity 2021

Building for the future

Informing the public about the candidates and their stances on the issues that matter most to our community.

vote prosperity

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The Framework

What is vote prosperity?

The platform was created so that you can become familiar with the issues our region is facing and see where local candidates stand on these issues. 

Why is it important?

To ensure the 2021 municipal election addresses the most important issues for economic growth to build a strong and prosperous Southeast Alberta.

Innovation & Competitive Strategy

Fostering long term prosperity in our region by implementing and applying cutting edge technologies and methods.


Keeping our region vibrant and welcoming and improving the region to invite growth and new residents.

Image & Branding

Ensuring the region is always putting its best foot forward in advancing positive perceptions of the area.

Workforce Development

Ensuring employers and employees in the region have access to the resources to improve themselves and their business.

Business & Financial Support

Facilitating a smooth transition into a strong and prosperous economy as the region emerges post pandemic.

Our Recommendations to Build a Strong Foundation

  1. Advocate for the use of innovative and competitive strategies to benefit businesses and education in our region.  
  2. Allocate time and funding to improve the infrastructure of the region.  
  3. Create a plan to address the issues related to image and branding that may slow the growth in our region.  
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to growing our workforce by promoting the use of professional development and talent attraction programs.
  5. Clarify taxation and regulatory rules and ensure equal opportunity for business growth after the financial recession and pandemic.  

Want to learn more about how our region can promote economic prosperity in the future?

View our detailed recommendations in section 4 of the Economic Impacts, Outcomes and Opportunities for Southeast Alberta in a Post COVID Economy Report created from feedback of over 500 businesses in our region.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce has a long-standing commitment to upholding the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our team, our members and our Board of Directors are people from countless different backgrounds, working together with the goal of building our community to be as vibrant and prosperous as it can be. Our team values and highlights the importance of underrepresented groups, especially in the business sector of Southeastern Alberta.

The Medicine Hat & District Chamber is always working to create a united front of business owners, Chamber members and staff, as well as active citizens in order to promote the values and benefits of a diverse and fair workplace. We are dedicated to promoting action and change through the application of crowdsourcing ideas, political advocacy, and public engagement. The path towards addressing workplace prejudice is one that needs participation from everyone, and the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to be addressing these issues directly.

2021 Municipal Elections

Election day is Monday October 18, 2021

Check out this FAQ to find our more about how to exercise your right to vote.

What are we doing?

  • We created this handy Vote Prosperity Platform to help inform candidates about the issues that matter most to our community based on the feedback we received.
  • We are interviewing each Candidate and sharing their interviews unedited.
  • We collected candidate information so that you can learn more about each candidate and reach out to them.

Municipal Candidates

Cypress County

michelle mckenzie

Michelle McKenzie
Ward 1

dustin jones

Dustin Jones
Ward 2

blaine brost

Blaine Brost
Ward 2

Matthew Cole - Ward 2 Cypress County

Ernest Mudie
Ward 3

Robin Kurpjuweit

Robin Kurpjuweit
Ward 4

Matthew Cole - Ward 2 Cypress County

Lloyd Want
Ward 3

della burkitt

Della Burkitt
Ward 5

Bill Bergeson - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Dan Hamilton
Ward 5

dustin vossler

Dustin Vossler
Ward 6

Bill Bergeson - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Travis Tubman
Ward 6

garry proctor

Garry Proctor
Ward 7

ernest mudie

Richard Oster
Ward 7


Shane Hok
Ward 8

Alf Belyea

Alf Belyea
Ward 9

Medicine Hat

Linnsie Clark - Mayor, Medicine Hat

Linnsie Clark 
Mayor Candidate

ted clugston

Ted Clugston
Mayor Candidate

tony leahy

Tony Leahy
Mayor Candidate

alan rose

Alan Rose
Mayor Candidate

Michael Starner - Mayor, Medicine Hat

Michael Starner 
Mayor Candidate

Allison Knodel - Submitted

Allison Knodel
Councillor Candidate

Praveen Joshi - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Praveen Joshi
Councillor Candidate

ramona robins

Ramona Karen Robins
Councillor Candidate

Marco Jansen - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Marco Jansen
Councillor Candidate

mandi lee campbell

Mandi Lee Campbell
Councillor Candidate

immanuel moritz

Immanuel Moritz
Councillor Candidate

Kelly Allard

Kelly Gayle Allard
Councillor Candidate

Untitled design(5)

Shila Sharps
Councillor Candidate

andy mcgrogan

Andy McGrogan
Councillor Candidate

Jeremy Silver - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Jeremy Silver
Councillor Candidate

Alison Van Dyke - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Alison Van Dyke
Councillor Candidate

paul wray hemsing

Paul Wray Hemsing
Councillor Candidate

bill bergeson

Bill Bergeson
Councillor Candidate

jay hitchen

Jay Hitchen
Councillor Candidate

nicholas martin

Nicholas Martin
Councillor Candidate

darren hirsch

Darren Hirsch
Councillor Candidate

Cassi Hider - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Cassi Hider
Councillor Candidate

robert dumanowski

Robert Dumanoswki
Councillor Candidate

brian varga

Brian Varga
Councillor Candidate

stephen campbell

Stephen Campbell
Councillor Candidate

brian dueck

Brian Dueck
Councillor Candidate

Roger McClary

Roger McClary
Councillor Candidate

brian webster

Brian Webster
Councillor Candidate

phil turnbull

Phil Turnbull
Councillor Candidate

Rockford Rutledge - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Rockford Rutledge
Councillor Candidate

mark asham

Mark Asham
Councillor Candidate

Justin Wright - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Justin Wright
Councillor Candidate

Charles Chuck Turner - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Charles Turner
Councillor Candidate

Shane Gilmore - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Shane Gilmore
Councillor Candidate

brad gruszie

Bradley Gruszie
Councillor Candidate

Warren Pister - Councillor, Medicine Hat

Warren Pister
Councillor Candidate


jim black

Jim Black
Councillor Candidate


Mark Payne - Mayor, Redcliff

Mark Payne
Mayor Candidate

ernie reimer redcliff

Ernie Reimer
Mayor Candidate

shawna gale

Shawna Gale
Mayor Candidate

dwight kilpatrick

Dwight Kilpatrick
Mayor Candidate


Cathy Crozier
Councillor Candidate

matthew st pierre

Matthew St. Pierre
Councillor Candidate

William Ranger - Councillor, Redcliff

William Ranger
Councillor Candidate

james allen

James Allen
Councillor Candidate

jim steinke

Jim J. Steinke
Councillor Candidate

chris czember

Chris Czember
Councillor Candidate

larry liepert

Larry Leipert
Councillor Candidate

shaun proulx

Shaun Proulx
Councillor Candidate

Prairie Rose School Division

Ward 3 School Trustees

Pam Cursons (Current Trustee of Ward 3 & Nominee)

Email address:

Phone number: (403) 502-3516


Robyn Orthner (Nominee)

Phone number: (403) 548-4412


Shauna Vanderspruit (Nominee)

Email address:

Phone number: (403) 548-1013

New Prairie Rose Public School Trustees

Ward 5 (Bow Island & Area) Patty Rooks (Acclaimed)

Email address:

Cell number: (403) 528-0182


Ward 6 (Southern Ward) Nancy Haraga (Acclaimed)

Email address:

Cell Phone: (403) 647-7773


Want to learn more?

Find out about how we advocate for our region throughout the year

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