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Let Us Know How Protectionism Effects Your Business

US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to increase Buy America preferences for US infrastructure projects. The Executive Order requires US federal agencies to report to the President on how they will encourage greater Buy American preferences covering a range of products such as aluminum, steel, plastics, piping, concrete, and lumber. Infrastructure is defined in the Executive Order using a very wide definition which includes transportation, energy, and telecommunications, and water infrastructure. the text can be found online here. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) is currently liaising with our government on actions we can take to push back against these protectionist measures. In order to help us do that, we need input from the Chamber network and members. Please share how these measures might impact your current, or future, business in to the US. Direct any input to Mark Agnew, Senior Director International Policy: or 613-238-4000 x2230.

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