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New Member: Axiom Environmental Solutions

Axiom Environmental Solutions was set up with the aim of simplifying the asbestos removal process and subsequent construction work post abatement. Its goals are to keep costs to a reasonable level while providing an exceptional level of service. We have achieved this by the following: · All our asbestos workers are experienced construction workers, many of them have their Red Seal designation in construction trades. · Our team is trained and certified to safely carry out the removal of asbestos from any project. By using such a highly skilled team we can rapidly assess and deal with any issues that come up whether prior, during or post abatement. We can often catch issues ahead of time which saves the client time, stress and money. With our attention to detail and a strong commitment to following through on all the best practices throughout the entirety of the abatement procedure we will ensure your project runs in a smooth, timely fashion. We are able to effectively deal with all sizes of projects from linoleum floor removal out of a kitchen to a full-scale abatement prior to demolition. As well as large commercial/industrial projects. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding asbestos removal or testing.

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