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Provincial Government Introduces Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Legislation

The Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Implementation Act has been introduced to signal Alberta’s approach to managing greenhouse gas emissions. If passed, Bill 19 would create the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) system. TIER, is a part of the government’s upcoming climate strategy, offering a new system focused on energy-intensive facilities and promoting ways to reduce emissions and invest in clean technology.

TIER requires electricity generators to meet a “good-as-best-gas” benchmark, where their emissions are equal to the cleanest natural gas-fired generation plant. All other facilities that emit more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide must reduce their emissions by 10 per cent in 2020. Facilities will need to reduce emissions by an additional one per cent every year after 2020.

TIER will also reward high-performing facilities that have implemented emissions-reducing technologies by helping them reduce costs or generate Emissions Performance Credits (EPCs). Regulated facilities that are able to beat their emissions-reduction target under TIER can generate EPCs, which can then be banked for future use or sold to other regulated facilities that have not met their emissions-reduction requirements.

Find more information on TIER and read the press release from the Government of Alberta.

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