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Help Us Collect Downtown Parking Data

Do you park downtown? Do you own a parking lot that has stalls available for rent? Do you allow public parking in your lot on evenings/weekends? We want to hear from you! The City of Medicine Hat has put together a working group to address parking issue and opportunities in Medicine Hat.

One of the first projects we are working on is creating a parking inventory for our downtown core. If you rent a parking stall or own a parking lot that has parking stalls available for rent, please let us know. We are collecting information on location, how many stalls are available in the downtown and how many are currently vacant, along with pricing and options for parking. We are also trying to collect information on whether parking lot owners allow any public parking in the evenings/weekends.

All information collected will be published and available on the City website, along with the Chamber and CCDA website as a resource. By providing this information to us we will be able to provide additional information to the public, as well as to provide additional exposure and marketing around parking in the downtown core.

Please email with your data on parking.

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