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Business Beat: Pivot your Business with Automation and Technology

Many creative ideas have come as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. Companies large and small have had to act quickly to change the way they do business in a now isolated world. This new business environment has forced many to come up with solution based ideas and act on them quickly.

When business environments and economies are stable, we see slower responses to change. Many small businesses see technological innovation as an opportunity, a necessity, and a challenge. New software, equipment, green technologies, and automation are of interest to companies but implementing the new processes is not always easy.

The response by companies to adapt has highlighted how experimentation, adoption of technology and getting back to basics can not only preserve business but improve it. This resilient behaviour has laid the groundwork for continuous improvement for those companies that are truly ready to sustain and grow. Support in this process is important and one-one assistance in navigating technological options, regulations and automation needed to pivot and improve a company is available through the APEX Regional Innovation Network.

Merl Mayer, Technology Implementation Provider is available to coach small to medium sized businesses on incorporating technology and automation in existing business processes, equipment and production operations. This service is free of charge and supported by AB Innovates, CF Entre-Corp and Medicine Hat College (APEX RIN). To inquire on services or book a consultation with Merl, email

Christie Wilson is responsible for Entrepreneurship Advising and Outreach at the Medicine Hat College.

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