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What is NUCCA Chiropractic? NUCCA is a highly specific and gentle form of Chiropractic that is different from traditional chiropractic in that it doesn’t involve twisting or cracking. NUCCA utilizes an extremely light touch to the upper neck to realign the spine and correct an Atlas Displacement Complex. An Atlas Displacement Complex (ADC) occurs when the top bone of your spine is misaligned. This can lead to a number of conditions: headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, and many other neuromuscular issues. Most people develop an ADC when they have an injury to their head or neck. Over time, this misalignment can cause problems throughout their entire body. If someone is being treated for low back pain or other issues that are not being resolved often this is because the problem is stemming from the neck! The NUCCA process involves an initial appointment that is 2-4 hours long and requires specific X-rays of the neck. These X-rays give the information necessary to correct the ADC. Immediately after treatment X-rays are taken again to ensure the ADC has been properly corrected. If you are struggling with a chronic or complex issue that hasn’t been helped with other forms of care, or are looking for a form of Chiropractic that doesn’t involve twisting or cracking, NUCCA may be a good option for you.

You are invited to join us on Tuesday, August 24th for a virtual group consultation or call 403 529 0304 to schedule an in person complimentary consultation with Dr. Justin!

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